Structural Engineering in Oil & Gas


Structural engineering plays a crucial role in the oil and gas industry, dealing with large and complex structures exposed to harsh environments. The construction of offshore drilling rigs, platforms, pipelines, storage tanks, and refineries is one of the important tasks in this sector that requires structural engineers’ expertise.

They are responsible for designing these structures to withstand significant stresses such as earthquakes, windstorms, hurricanes, or heavy waves depending on the region where they are built.

Moreover, structural engineers inspect and maintain these infrastructures regularly to ensure their reliability and safety. Their work also involves analyzing data from geological surveys and seismic movements to determine potential vulnerabilities in existing infrastructure to avoid hazardous events such as gas leakage or fire hazards that may result from structural failures.

Overall, skilled structural engineers play a pivotal role in the oil &gas industries by ensuring safe and efficient operations that meet regulatory standards and industry best practices.

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction
  • Inputs from various departments and output. Concept of Analysis and Loading Calculations.
  • Detailed Analysis & design
  • Selection of various Steel, Relevant standards/ Codes, their importance and applications. General Civil Works
  • Special Facilities




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