Structural Engineering in Oil and Gas


Structural Engineering in Oil & Gas is a branch of civil engineering that is concerned with the structural design of man-made structures like Equipment rack, Pipe Rack. This course serves as an upskilling for Graduate Engineer/ Diploma Engineers in Civil and Experienced engineers with limited experience in the design of steel structures and serves as a bridge between theory taught in schools and the practical application of steel Design in the oil and gas industry. It provides an overview of the essential design skills required to fully participate in structural design-related projects.

 The course mainly focuses on

  • Steel Properties and Grades – Steel Properties – Structural Shape Selection 
  • Structural Design Philosophy – Limit State Design and Allowable Stress Design.
  • Commonly Used Codes and Standards 
  • Loading and Load Assessment – Dead and Live Load – Wind and Environmental Load – Load Conditions and Combinations
  • Beam and Frame Analysis – Bending Moment and Shear Calculations – Truss Analysis 
  • Structural Member Design – Considerations for Member Selection – Member Check and Unity Ratio – Deflection Check – Member Failure Modes and Solutions 
  • Connection Design – Welded Connection – Bolted Connections 

What you’ll learn

  1. Introduction
  2. Inputs from various departments and output. Concept of Analysis and Loading Calculations.
  3. Detailed Analysis & design
  4. Selection of various Steel, Relevant standards/ Codes, their importance and applications. General Civil Works
  5. Special Facilities


COURSE DURATION- 8 weekends (Sat- Sun)

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