Stress Analysis Concept With Ceasor II


Pipe stress analysis is an Engineering analysis to a piping system to ensure that it is sufficiently strong to withstand the internal and external loads to which it will be subjected during its operational life. The analysis involves identifying the type of pipe material, the type of loading, and the internal and external factors that may affect the system. The analysis can then be used to ensure that the piping is able to handle the loading, and to identify potential problems or weak points in the system to evaluate existing systems for safety and reliability.

The analysis involves determining the stresses in the piping system due to these loads and making sure that the stresses do not exceed the allowable limits for the material of the piping system.

The intention of Stress Analysis Course with CAESAR II is to provide the appropriate background for engineers entering the world of pipe stress analysis. It evaluates the response to thermal, deadweight, and pressure loads. CAESAR II analyzes the effects of wind, support settlement, seismic loads, and wave loads. Nonlinear effects such as support lift-off, gap closure and friction are also included.

What you’ll learn

  1. Introduction to Stress Analysis Concepts with CEASOR II. 
  2. Piping Loads
  3. Pipe Span Calculations
  4. Flexibility Analysis using ASME B 31.3 Code Equations
  5. Sustained Loads – Internal Pressure & Longitudinal stresses
  6. Occasional Loads on Stress
  7. Analysis Tools
  8. Analysis of Piping System- Operation Case 
  9. Static Analysis 
  10. Structural Input Processor
  11.  Dynamic Analysis-Part 1


COURSE DURATION- 8 weekends (Sat-Sun)



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