About Us

Petropipe is the Institute for Oil and Gas Sector

Petropipe prides itself as one of the most reliable and most placement provided oil and gas sector educational institutions. Our institute is compliant with ISO 9001: 2015 and over the years, we have designed and delivered comprehensive, standardized, quality-assured, and result-oriented training and certification courses to educate the youth population and the industry professionals in different work areas of the oil and gas refinery, petrochemical industry, pharma industry, process plant.

Petropipe is the Institute for Oil and Gas Sector
Years Experience

At Petropipe, We are constantly working to enhance and expand our knowledge within the industry.

The institute offers oil and gas training courses to its potential students through very comprehensive classroom & online learning mode, which the students can take from anywhere at their own pace and convenience, or join a tutor-led classroom course at the training center on a specific date, time, and location.

We Are Calculating The Best Opportunities For You.

We believe that everyone deserves an equal chance for improving their knowledge and expertise. Our training courses are good for every level of knowledge and experience, regardless of your skills and expertise, we have what it takes you to move on to higher levels in your professions.